Venter (with Tomasz Mreńca)

Label: Sensefloor

Date: July 1, 2015

Format: LP / Digital

1. Glimmer I

2. Beneath

3. Aware

4. Moon

5. City Of Spring

6. Fire

7. Lovers Sex

8. Brixton

9. Glimmer II



Since Sensefloor released their debut EP last year, Venter have been continuously showcasing their live talents in Poland and worldwide, with a large number of club and festival bookings already throughout the course of 2015 thus far. The duo recently made an appearance at the Audioriver Festival (headlined by Underworld and Roisin Murphy), where on a sandy shore of Vistula River they are to present a brand new live act. And this time they were armed with a new full-length record – Venter LP. 

To complete the album, Venter have hooked up with electronic-pop newcomers We Draw A, pianist Stefan Wesolowski and the magnificent Baasch – a Warsaw-based producer who most recently made his debut on Nextpop/Warner with the album ‚Corridors’. 

For this new project, Venter bring together a combined knowledge of musical worlds to create a truly delicate electronic album, packed full with refined atmospherics and precious soundscapes. Their live performances rivet and mesmerise, as electronic synthesis intertwines with the acoustic recordings of live performances on the violin and piano. 

Elements of ambient, techno, house, classical and drone can all be found on this LP. A sound that has been brought together through clever production techniques, digital sampling, analogue synthesis and live performance.

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