Painting Sky Together

Label: ROOM40

Date: February 23, 2009

Format:  CD / Digital

1. Your Whiteness

2. Freckled Cheeks

3. Tokyo

4. So Fragile

5. A Bus-Ride With A Red-Haired Girl

6. Agata’s Film

7. Mi.Ti

8. January

9. Movie



Wroclaw based sound artist Tomasz Bednarczyk has a penchant for capturing the ‘emotion’ in moments of stasis. It’s this acute sense of expanding fleeting moments and exploring their detail that informs the sonic palette of his latest full length recording Painting Sky Together. 

Akin to his acclaimed debut edition ‘Summer Feelings’ (Room40), which elegantly documented a uniquely Polish experience of summer replete with distantly warm bursts of piano, and crisp glitch ridden pulses, Painting Sky Together is an considered exploration in minimalism. Bednarczyk relishes the intimacy of his sound world, taking the most restrained compositional actions and allowing them to unfold with a hazy stillness that blurs time. 

It’s an album that’s both crisp and fragile, but ultimately its textures are overwhelmingly warm and generous. A statement of hushed awe – listen with care.

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