Let’s Make Better Mistakes Tomorrow

Label: 12k

Date: June 9, 2009

Format: CD / Digital

1. While

2. Shimokita

3. Drawing

4. Raspberry Girl

5. Autumn

6. The Sketch

7. Kyoto

8. So

9. Little Spring

10. Night 04:09



Let’s Make Better Mistakes Tomorrow is the third full-length CD from the young Polish musician Tomasz Bednarcyzk. Following Summer Feelings and Painting Sky Together (Room40), Bednarczyk naturally continues his process of utilizing mainly treated piano and guitar to create fragile, lingering structures that hover around only a few fundamental notes. 

Let’s Make Better Mistakes Tomorrow is divided into two sections, split down the middle by “The Sketch,” which was written in cooperation with Adrian Klumpes (Triosk). The first half of the album floats like a pellucid veil: higher frequency whispers, surface noise and glassy textures create light, calm drones, and noticable bass tones aren’t heard for nearly 20 minutes. “The Sketch” serves as a turning point, a snap from light to dark; field recordings of children alongside Klumpes’ punctuated piano contrast sharply with the linearity of the surrounding works.

The listener is then presented with the final four pieces, which descend into deeper territory. Darkness and murky frequencies prevail, and the surfaces become more distressed and stormy, finally submerging to “Night,” which closes the album with its languid, sleepy bass loop that lulls away to silence. 

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