Label: Requiem Records

Date: November 20, 2017

Format: CD / Digital

1. Elsewhere

2. Ascend

3. West

4. Nightly

5. Late

6. Dust

7. Map

8. Form

9. Sun

10. 1986

11. End



In November 2017, Requiem Records will release a new album by New Rome, which is one of Tomasz Bednarczyk’s monikers.

The album is titled “Elsewhere” and is the culmination of the story that began with “Nowhere” (2016 / Room40) and continued with “Somewhere” (2017 / Instant Classic). The album contains 11 tracks based on processed acoustic guitar, Moog synthesizer, and ambient field recordings. All those elements create a coherent, warm and dreamy whole.

Acoustic guitar sounds very organic, repetitive synthesizer punctuates the rhythm, while field recordings create spaces. All compositions constitute miniature forms filled with melody, making “Elsewhere“ the most romantic part of the triptych.

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